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Mokas CRM

Mokas CRM – it‘s an open source CRM system made on the basis of Sugar CRM, Suite CRM and complemented with modules that are developed in our company.


SalesPipe – it‘s a tool to manage the sales process in stages, to notice inactive sales, to forecast future sales, to research the efficiency of marketing channels and a convertion factor of each sales stage.


QuoteOrder – fast order and offer preparation and shipping management. Easily managed offers of a flaweless design are always prepared in no time. Sales orders are formed automatically. It makes easier work and better efficiency for sales and supply managers.


JobManager – helps to distribute tasks easily and to monitor their implementation. It‘s a convenient time accounting tool for every task. It allows every employee to see their task list and project managers – to know the staff load and progress of every task.

Mokas CRM system is made for easier client service and order management process as well as for an effective organization of work. This CRM program serves the best for those who want to increase sales, to improve efficiency of individual business units and to reduce the negative effect of staff change.

We work to make this CRM system a convenient everyday tool for those who seek to implement a 20/80 rule:to improve 20% of the most important areas in order to get 80% of the profit. Mokas CRM system – it‘s a convenient tool and effective help in business processes.

Pick the most suitable offer:

1. Purchase of SRM system

• The newest Lithuanian version of Sugar CRM or Suite CRM will be installed if you buy our hosting service.

• According to your needs, we can expand the CRM program with our own or with other companies‘ modules.

• We will maintain a CRM system on a separate agreement, with an unlimited number of users.

2. The CRM system‘s rent

You can pay for a user only. In this case you will get all the necessary modules, system installation and service.