What is CRM?
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software created in order to simplify marketing, selling and other customer’s service needs. Lots of independent researches show that when using this particular system there is a great opportunity to evaluate and expand efficiency of marketing subdivisions, reduce negative effect of labour turnover, improve customer’s service quality and increase general sale.
What open-source CRM means? Is it for free?
Open-source means that if you use the service that we offer, it will be implemented into your server, and the source code will be available both for you and the programmers –who work with PHP, SOL and jQuery technologies– of the third parties. Naturally, specialists who provide service of system’s implementation and supervision, get paid.
Is open-source CRM suitable for a business management system?
Expanding freedom of choice, ability to reduce provider’s monopoly is the main advantage of open-source. Open-source also lets get expansion modules that are made already for analogous problems to solve.
I am responsible for the sale; what functions could I manage with Mokas CRM?
Mokas CRM is one of the main sale manager’s tools. With Mokas CRM it is very comfortable to follow each phase of transaction. If using Mokas CRM, data and contacts of present or potential customers are reached and managed easily. Quick and comfy preparations of any commission – that’s what Mokas CRM does.
Do you have a solution for small business?
The solutions of rental software that we offer let budget all the financial resources commissioned for IT system. Offered package includes all softwares, their supervision, maintenance and placement in server.
Do you consult for free?
Primal consultations are free of charge for all the customers. Unlimited duration consultations are free of charge only for those who have settled the contract for the subscription service.
Does Mokas CRM provide extra programming due to individual requests?
Yes. Sugar CRM platform allows to make lots of modifications even without extra programming. Programing can do almost anything!
What kind of potential the server must have if Mokas CRM is needed to be implemented?
Only if the target amount of Mokas’ users and the character of system’s use is known, any information about the potential of the server can be provided. We can implement it (or the stationary one for accounting softwares) to the server of your webpage or any server used for other purpose. Usually we recommend to use rental software. In such case you need storage capacity plan that costs 15 LTL per month.
How many people at the same time can join Mokas CRM?
Having implemented Mokas CRM into your server, the number of users is not limited or additionally paid. However, the number of users logging the service at the same time cannot overtop the number that has been prevised in the agreement.
Do you have a suggestion how to manage orders?
We can offer a solution that simplifies a lot all the procedures appendant to requests. Mokas CRM simplifies gathering, receiving and presenting the offers to providers, also, having obliged to customer, following ordered items, managing invoices and delivery notes.
If using Mokas CRM, a programmer or IT specialist is needed?
No. If using Mokas CRM, there is no need for extra employees. Our rental system provides full supervision and consultations. Having implemented the system to your server, supervision of the server can be done by your or our IT specialist.
What is the difference between Mokas CRM and the standard SugarCRM CE version?
These softwares differentiate substantially. Mokas CRM is adapted to Lithuania’s market, expanded with modules – third parties creation– that have been tested and served the purpose, and other functions. That is why using Mokas CRM is more simple, functional and effective than Sugar CRM CE.
Can you offer Sugar CRM Pro, Enterprise or Ultimate?
We do not collaborate with Sugar CRM as the need of representing agent contract would not let have Sugar CRM CE free version. However, some of our customers do have Sugar CRM commercial versions. We provide service and other software engineering successfully.
Does the service cost?
If using Mokas CRM rental software, its service price includes the general price. Implemented into your server Sugar CRM system is provided with service, if agreed.
If I have an accounting software, how CRM could help?
Information – including contact information, tasks, offers and agreements– about potential customers is stored by CRM; managers and leaders are most interested in such particular information. Marketing companies are managed successfully and marketing subdivisions evaluated more effectively when using the software; full sale’s management –from primal offer till a successful contract– and quick reaction to customer’s needs – that’s what CRM can offer!
If I buy CRM, do I need an accounting software?
CRM does not have the general ledger or other functions needed for accounting; with Mokas CRM you can gather all the information about customers, invoices, items, stores and debts. We can link CRM with the accounting software used by your accountant, so there will be no need to manage invoices and customers cards additionally.
Do you update Mokas CRM versions?
Our team is a dynamic and flexible one; we do regard to our customer’s needs and expectations. Therefore, updating the provided service includes.
Can Mokas CRM be combined with Sugar CRM version?
All our expanded modules are created so that the updated Sugar CRM version could be installed. We work on “upgrade safe” principle.
Does Mokas CRM fit to all companies?
Before tying up with a customer, we evaluate his / hers expectations and ours potential. The work begins only when we are sure of its success and benefit for the customer. As we do seek to assure your contentment, 30 days guarantee is provided.
Where can I find Mokas CRM demo version?
CRM is a complex software. It can be a model –that needs configurations, consultations and management– of your company’s business. Order Mokas CRM to try; 55 LTL per month for a user; 2 users is the minimal number. If the software does not fulfill your expectations, the money will be returned within 30 days.

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