What is CRM?
What open-source CRM means? Is it for free?
Is open-source CRM suitable for a business management system?
I am responsible for the sale; what functions could I manage with Mokas CRM?
Do you have a solution for small business?
Do you consult for free?
Does Mokas CRM provide extra programming due to individual requests?
What kind of potential the server must have if Mokas CRM is needed to be implemented?
How many people at the same time can join Mokas CRM?
Do you have a suggestion how to manage orders?
If using Mokas CRM, a programmer or IT specialist is needed?
What is the difference between Mokas CRM and the standard SugarCRM CE version?
Can you offer Sugar CRM Pro, Enterprise or Ultimate?
Does the service cost?
If I have an accounting software, how CRM could help?
If I buy CRM, do I need an accounting software?
Do you update Mokas CRM versions?
Can Mokas CRM be combined with Sugar CRM version?
Does Mokas CRM fit to all companies?
Where can I find Mokas CRM demo version?
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